5 Habits Of 


Alpha Women

Your Alpha Personality Is Your Superpower!

(Use It To Attract Your Ideal Man Now!)

This Workbook Will Teach You To...


Why you've been missing out on love and how to use the power that has always been in your hands to create an amazing relationship.


Why you keep attracting the same type of men and how to stop making the #1 mistake that keeps you from attracting your ideal man.


Why your current beliefs about relationships haven't helped you and how to build a new foundation for your future relationship.

What Others Said...

"I loved completing the "5 Habits Of Relationship Savvy Alpha Women" workbook!


It was eye opening and greatly helpful. I was so excited to get started and had no expectations but to simply dive in and go from there.


It’s only been a month and every thing I wrote down that I wanted in a relationship is actually manifesting in my partner.


Wow, talk about the law of attraction working from this beautiful, impactful guide she created!


Ever since I completed your workbook and wrote my true desires and intentions down, I have seen God fast track - God speed in my perception, actions and heart. I am seeing my partner in the same alignment. Powerful! Momentum of the Universe!"




Well, hey there! I'm Steffie...

Here I was this young, independent, ambitious girl who moved to London at 21, having never been on a plane before, knowing only one person there, working super hard to create the best future for herself and meeting these men who just wanted to take advantage, lie and cheat…


For years I wondered what will it take to meet someone who wants to be in a happy, healthy relationship. I figured I might as well get even more independent and focus on becoming stronger as a person if that’s the kind of men I have to deal with. To my surprise, it paid off really well!


Five years later, I own two successful businesses and have the healthy, loving relationship I could only imagine before. He took me on a surprise trip to Venice and proposed 💍!


I now thrive on sharing what I learnt from my failed relationships and how I used them to embrace my true self so I could attract the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with! I can't wait for you to feel this kind of happiness too.


Steffie, x